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resilience by eric greitensA masterpiece of warrior wisdom that shows how to overcome obstacles with positive action. The best-selling author, Navy SEAL, and humanitarian Eric Greitens offers a self-help book unlike any other. 

Two years ago, Eric Greitens unexpectedly heard from a former SEAL comrade, a brother-in-arms he hadn’t seen in a decade. Zach Walker had been one of the toughest of the tough. But ever since he returned home from war to his young family in a small logging town, he’d been struggling. Without a sense of purpose, plagued by PTSD, and masking his pain with heavy drinking, he needed help. Zach and Eric started writing and talking nearly every day, and Eric set down his thoughts on what it takes to build resilience in our lives.

Eric’s letters—drawing on both his own experience and wisdom from ancient and modern thinkers—are now gathered and edited into a timeless handbook. They explain how we can build purpose, confront the pain in our lives, practice compassion, develop our vocations, find a mentor, create happiness, follow a role model, think about the story of our lives, and much more.

Resilience grapples with real hardship. The lessons are deep, yet practical, and the advice leads to clear solutions. This is a profoundly hopeful book: We all face pain, difficulty, and doubt. But with resilience, we can lead vital, flourishing lives.

Eric is also the author of The Heart and The FistStrength and Compassion, and The Warrior’s Heart. More Here

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The Heart and The Fist by Eric Greitens

The Heart and The Fist cover photoBuy The Heart and the Fist

Author, warrior, and humanitarian Eric Greitens shares his story of extraordinary leadership and service. In a life lived at the raw edges of the human experience, Eric has seen what can be accomplished when compassion and courage come together in meaningful service. As a Rhodes Scholar and U.S. Navy SEAL, Eric worked alongside volunteers who taught art to street children in Bolivia and led U.S. Marines who hunted terrorists in Iraq. He learned from refugees in Bosnia and Croatia, from survivors of the genocide in Rwanda, and from Navy SEALs who fought in Afghanistan. Greitens was a lieutenant in the Navy SEALs when his platoon was hit by a suicide truck bomb in Fallujah, Iraq in 2007. He took his combat pay and founded The Mission Continues, a non- profit agency which trains wounded veterans for leadership roles in their communities. The principal lesson Eric learned through unique background in military service and humanitarian work was that in order to create meaningful change, one must be both good and strong.
The Heart and the Fist

“Clear-eyed account of a youth devoted to service as a warrior and a humanitarian…A remarkable story told with modesty and grace.”
Kirkus Reviews

“If you’re in despair about America’s future, meet my hero – Eric Greitens. His life and this book reminds us that America remains the land of the brave and generous. The heart and fist are just the combination we need.”
Tom Brokaw, Former NBC News Anchor, and Author

“A must read for  anyone with a conection to the Military but will appeal to a wide audience. I read a comment that, It will leave you wanting to be a better person. That statement was very, very true.” Josh Kindlesparker USMC Veteran

“A glorious tale of humanity, resolve, and strength, Greitens’s book reminds us of how many things we take for granted in our well-ordered lives.”
Publisher’s Weekly

“If you worry that America is no longer a home of heroes, come read this book by Eric Greitens…He writes admiringly of the Greek notion of phronesis, practical wisdom – ‘the ability to figure out what to do while at the same time knowing what is worth doing.’ Mr. Greitens has plenty of phronesis.”
David Gergen, CNN Political Analyst, and Director of the Center for Public Leadership at the Harvard Kennedy School

“A remarkable story you’re not likely to forget.”
The Washington Post


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